Adult Small Groups

Adult Small Groups
Adult Small Groups provide the perfect opportunity for individuals to find a group where they can relate, either in Bible study, or fellowship.

Adult Bible Study is provided at NFA, allowing adults to study the Word of God in small group settings, specifically during the traditional "Sunday School" time before the regular adult worship service.  

Fellowship provides a community of individuals the opportunity to share similar interests, experiences, and activities. These groups are referred to as Connect Groups at NFA, and are more specifically geared to a stage of life.

NFA Life Groups started out of a need for relationship. NFA Life Groups are based on the weekly message. Discussion of application and prayer, along with fellowship, bring these small groups closer together. 

A large community needs to have smaller social networking circles, both to meet the needs of the physical and the spiritual of individual lives.  Those needs are met at NFA through Bible Study and Connect, and everyone can find a place where they fit best!